TPIX - a comprehensive telecommunications solution

You can access TPIX in several ways: by direct access to TPIX platform, by Metro Ethernet services provided by OPL to the user’s
premises, and by buing bandwidth to TPIX ftom other carriers.

Physical connection to TPIX ports

Two main TPIX switches are
located in OPL facility at Św. Barbary 10. Aggregation switches are deployed in OPL telehousing rooms at Św. Barbary 10 and Piękna 19, as well
as at the LIM Center, room B2028, floor -2, as well as in the server room PLIX DC, floor +1. The aggregation switches are equipped with 1G ports only. Main TPIX switches are equipped with 10GbE and 1GbE ports. With the use of OPL fiber optic we can deliver 10 GbE ports to the LIM Center
(floors -2 and +3) and to the Piękna facility. Carriers interested in ports 10GbE and 1GbE from Św. Barbary 10 may
use third-party cables terminated in this facility. Direct access to TPIX switches provides carriers with the best offer conditions, including in particular an unlimited bandwidth for the TPIX open peering service. All the switches may be accessed by deploying carrier’s devices in these
facilities, by entering fiber optic cables into the facilities. Installation of devices and entering with cables into OPL facilities is the subject
of the Telehousing PRO offer. LIM Center administrators and on-site carriers are responsible for entering with cables and deploying devices at the LIM Center. In all the three locations mentioned above it is possible to use devices and cables owned by the carrier interested in TPIX services.
Also, it is possible to use devices and cables of any other carrier with their own infrastructure at these facilities. In the latter case carriers providing their infrastructure must order a fiber optic connector between their cable or device and the TPIX port.

To carriers who have their own infrastructure deployed at the LIM Center facility and are interested in 10GbE ports of the switch
at Św. Barbary 10, we suggest using OPL cable linking these two locations. Thus, 10GbE ports from Św. Barbary may be provisioned on OPL MDF located on floor -2 of the LIM Center facility, and optionally extended by a cable owned by any carrier to another location inside or outside of the LIM facility. This method may also be used for provisioning 1GbE ports from Św. Barbary 10 to the LIM Center. Such solution is suggested for carriers wanting to ensure full protection against power outages impacting devices located at the LIM Center facility.

Access to TPIX for carriers without their own infrastructure in the Warsaw city center.

For carriers without the possibility of accessing the aforementioned Warsaw facilities we offer several possibilities of using the TPIX services
from several OPL facilities scattered across the territory of Poland. The OPL facilities listed below are dedicated telehousing rooms prepared
for deploying carrier cables and devices. The list of OPL locations prepared for deployment of carrier devices and cables is provided
in the Telehousing Room Locations tab.

After checking the technical conditions, virtually any OPL technical facility all over Poland may be used for entering with cables of other carriers.
Upon checking the technical conditions, many of these facilities allow deploying carriers’ devices in isolated telehousing spaces.

Access to TPIX services via third-party carriers infrastructure

You may be provided with the bandwidth to TPIX platform and its services by other carriers who use ports of TPIX.
In particular TPIX open peering is available as a remote peering option, i.e. via multiple VLAN channels being resold by connected carriers.
Each channel may be transmitted to another location and provisioned for anybody without direct TPIX connectivity.

Access to OPL facilities without fiber optic cables

For those of you who are unable to feed the cable to any of OPL facilities we provide access based on the Towers and Masts Offer.
The offer ensures access to Ethernet switch ports based on your RF devices.

Access to TPIX services as part of Ethernet services delivered by OPL to a user's location

If OPL provides you with any Ethernet services based on a OPL cable fed into your location, it is also possible to upgrade the existing service
with additional VLAN channels to TPIX and TPIX services. An attractive price of the Ethernet bandwidth to TPIX, and to TPIX open peering service
in particular, allows you to upgrade your Internet solution with a number of services that so far have been available for carriers running their infrastructures in Warsaw or in the largest cities of Poland.