TPIX - a comprehensive telecommunications solution

   TPIX technical diagram

techniczny schemat platformy TPIX

techniczny schemat platformy TPIX


The TPIX platform is divided into two areas: Backbone and Access.
The TPIX Backbone is built in a redundant way:
• Two route servers to which each user can set up parallel BGP sessions.
• Two backbone routers on which the instance of Open Peering and MIX2 services is deployed.

The access part of the Platform is located in the following facilities:
• Warsaw Orange Sw. Barbary 10 street
• Warsaw LIM Jerozolimskie Avenue 65/79
• Katowice Orange Francuska 101 street

Peering participants and service customers on the TPIX platform can be connected via the nationwide Orange access network in Metro Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet and DWDM technologies.

We offer 100G, 10G and 1G access ports.
Operators interested in TPIX ports may also use cables from other operators, terminated at OPL and LIM Center facilities.

IP addresses of server routes:

RS1 V4
RS2 V4
RS1 V6   2001:7f8:27::2:9535:1
RS2 V6   2001:7f8:27::2:9535:2

Open Peering - community supported by route servers::

0:peer - Do not announce to a specific peer
29535:peer - Announce to a specific peer
0:29535 - do not announce to anybody
29535:29535 - Announce to all (default)
0:65001 - Do not announce to GGC

Open Peering - community showing entry points to TPIX:

29535:11 - prefixes received from KIX (KIKE AS48850)
29535:12 - prefixes received from AC-X (ATMAN AS24748)
29535:13 - prefixes received from EPIX (e-Poludnie AS201054)
29535:14 - prefixes received from CIX (AS49831)

Prefiks list reachable in OpenPeering TPIX:

Prefiks list reachable in OpenPeering TPIX: State on 23-04-2019

Prefixes participating in Open Peering:

- Directly on TPIX ports: as-set: AS-TPIX - From KIX interconnect - AS-KIKE

Looking Glass for TPIX:

CERT Orange Polska (Computer Emergency Response Team)